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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> the president holding a twitter townhall. but can you create jobs in under 140 characters or less? welcome, everyone, this is "your world." the president holding the first tweet up, on twitter with a focus on jobs. as we get more bad news on the economy a report finding the service sector is still sluggish, and, maybe, someone should have treated this, a survey finding 70 percent of small businesses have no plans to expand their staff over the next 12 months. another saying planned layoffs increased in june for the second consecutive month. time for more talk and less action? and now, art, i know you, along
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with your fellow supply siders in congress have an ideal scenario of what you would like to see done but there is a democrat in the white house and we have a democrat her controlled senate. what can we hope for, to turn this economy around? >> i don't know what we can hope for until 2012 but this, really, is the voters' close and they will make the decision, but the point here, really, is that government spending costs jobs, it doesn't create jobs. if you have a two farm economy, two farmers, and that is it and one gets unemployment benefits who pays for them? it is the other farmer. government spending is taxation, and until we bring government spending down you really will in the get jobs. you have a huge wedge because what it costs to imemployee and what a worker receives. you have to make it more attractive for workers for work,
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that is how you create jobs. high-tech and education is nice and wonderful but you have to make it more attractive for people to work and more attractive for firms to employ. that is not happening. >> what will we see with the jobs report on friday? we got a taste, i mentioned the survey about small businesses, and two months in a row, now, planned corporate layoffs are going higher. do you think well have a bad number on friday like last month? >>guest: you cannot have a good number. i don't know if this month will be bad relative to expectations, but i have no idea. but this is the worst single recovery since the great depression with respect to jobs. we are 5 percent below where we were at the height of the economy. that is outrageous. we are as far below the next worst recovery. it is everyone.
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everyone. everyone necessities this is can tass tremendous and one month's number cannot make it much better. >> and now a listen to the president talking about tax taxation. >> we have the lowest tax rates since the 1950s our tax rates are lower than under ronald reagan, lower than they were under george bush senior or jr. and lower than under bill clinton. >> there is a lot of confusion. not just among the american people but a lot of confusion among those in washington as to what is really happening. and that is a big part of the problem. both sides of the aisle are able to sell their point and sell their position to the american people and i think the membership are saying, okay, if he said it is true it must be true. >> i don't think that is true. these people are pandering and it is not just obama. everyone is a pandering,
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government spending is taxation. this is the highest government spending as a share of g.d.p. in the history of the united states since world war ii. bill clinton cut government spending as a share of g.d.p. dramatically. bush and obama have increased it dramatically. it's a real problem. now, our tax rate is lower. yes. but tax rates only do the amount of money you collect. not the amount of debt you erupting up which is, really, what taxes are in this system. so, you have to cut government spending in this. it is not a time -- if i went to my boss and i said, my wife and i are way overspending, i want to do a balanced approach, would you pay me more and i will cut become on spending, i would get the boot. >> given your experience what do you make of the next month? is it possible, other would it be wise for both sides of the aisle to say, look, have significant long term spending cuts, but, at the same time, yes, maybe we will cut become on
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the loopholes and cut back on some of the tax breaks and we will raise the debt ceiling, do you think that will happen by august 2nd, and would that be prudent? >> i don't think it will happen by august 2nd to be honest. i don't think that is the prudent thing to do, either. what i think really should happen is we should do a temporary increase in the debt ceiling, get it to the election, and this is, really, the voters' choice. would you rather see government spending brought down? the voters, people deserve the governments they get. and, it is their choice, and, we should let it be done just before the election of what obama wants, what the republicans want, and let them make their choice. but, i would hate to see, do something wrong, now, by having a collapse and by having a default or by having silly policies put into place when, really, it should be done at election time and? they want obama let them have
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him. my vote is going the other way. >> a temporary stay has been floated and we will see what happens. >> that is what i hope happens. >> thank you, art, and now, to the fight over taxes as we were talking about, the white house signaling they is the votes in both houses to get rid of some tax breaks as part of a dead deal. all this as the president prepares to meet with democratic and republican leaders at white house tomorrow. fox news reporter keeping track of all of this. i'm glad you are, specifically, what tax breaks are we talking about here? >> well, the tax breaks that we're talking about totally determine whether or not there is a deal on this as you were talking about with mr. laffer, there is bipartisan support foreclosing loopholes but where the big money, maybe $400 billion in adill -- additional
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tax revenue come from two places one a tax increase on businesses and how they pay taxes on inventory. they call it last in, first out and the president wants it tax them at their real market value not a normalized market value. the other one, and that is the really big one which could be $290 billion over a decade, that is a decrease in what folks who make over $200,000 a year can write off in their charitable giving and the president wants it take that down from currently 35 percent to the 20. neither of those have traction in congress. that is not going to happen. it does not look likely that there will even been democratic support for that let alone republican. so, they are probably whistling past the graveyard. the best-case-scenario for the administration right now is they can get some of the symbolic tax increases the president is talking about, the corporate jet, he is talking about the oil industry subsidies, that is
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their best shot to get $2 billion here, $3 billion here to keep the base pleased. >> will the republicans not budge on the tax breaks at all? if their mind if they get significant spending cuts, would say they we have been clamoring for the spending cuts and new we have them and we are ready to make a couple of difficult choices on tax breaks. >> on the big ticket items, no, the money is too big. when you talk about $290 billion and the charities don't like it and a lot of democrats are uneasy with it, it is so much money. i assume that is such a big "ask," the administration includes that only as a bargaining position because i cannot imagine they think that will get through. nelson of member said no tax increases, not the time to do it. >> what do you make of the white house claiming they have votes
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in both chambers of congress? >> if this is down that can redefine what the definition of the word "is" is, they can redefine what it means to have been been support. republicans have voted to end the ethanol subsidy early and things like that so there is republican support foreclosing tax loopholes but no way the republicans will get behind $400 billion in new taxation. >> and democrats with knowledge of the meeting are saying the president will push for $4 trillion reduction in the deficit over 10 to 12 years up from $2.5 trillion previously so much bigger number and i am sure we cannot wait to hear the details and if this are any tax increases or reduction in tax breaks involved in that. thank you very much, chris. good chatting with you.
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>> don't remember writing a check to the president's re-election campaign? thanks to these guys, you just did. don't live in one of these 13 states? the judge says, get ready to pay up unless the supreme court swoops in.
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eeeeee and that has the judge all fired up. now, judge, take florida, for example, governor scott says, i am in the dealing with this and it will not work; he cutting off his nose to spite his face? >>judge napolitano: he may be but he has the ability, in florida, he believes, to run the government without substantial assistance from the feds. he just turned down $2.5 billion to build a high-speed rail line from orlando to miami. the federal government says to the states, raise your taxes, take the money you collected, and operate the health insurance exchanges and if you don't do it
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we will come in and do it. who will pay for it if the insteads come in? the feds pay for it and take it as a reduction. guess what happens if they don't owe the state any federal aid? like florida? we don't know the answer. but the other states that are not as some vent -- as solvent, will find that money has been cut off, because the feds have used it to create the health insurance exchange the state did not do. >> and if you don't do it, and it is 2013, but the feds will come in, the health and human services come in and say if you don't have it ready we will start the whole review process and determine if we will step in so they don't have until 2013. >> there are two problems, first is constitutional. the idea that the congress can say to the states, raise your taxes, and spend the raised money the way we are telling you
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takes away the autonomy, the sovereignty of the state legislature. the second aspect of it, as insidious, i suspect that these burdens may have been placed on the states knowing they could in the comply with them, because the people who authored the health care plan secretly, and in some cases publicly want a single-payer system, and they want that to be the federal government. >> another part is how you set it up, because the 13 that set them upset them up in different ways, some were housing it as a quasigovernment entity, and there are different ways to set inup. >>judge napolitano: and some have in the set it up. the statute by a state governor to set up was signed by then governor arnold schwarzenegger in california and they and not afford to pay their schoolteachers lets alone a health insurance exchange. >> and, are you getting to the point where you think that more of the states are going to set
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them up? or is thin where it will be and the others will wait-and-see how the individual states and court see how they deem the law? >>judge napolitano: 28 states are seeking to invalidate obamacare and almost all of them have republican governors will wait-and-see the outcome of the litigation because once the money is spent, it will be difficult to get it back. >> tune in at 8:00 on follow business to catch the judge on freedom watch and if you don't get fbn, demand it. that commanded a nice response from the crew. thank you, judge. more on your tax money supporting this. so they can support ... him. and now a teacher wants out. that is next. and now this is a way to get law earthquakes' attention over the debt ceiling talks.
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>> and taxpayers in every state will spend money to support president obama's re-election whether they want to or not because to spread the message the largest teachers union are rays dues, and teachers are paid by tax dollars and my next teacher has had enough working in michigan. you have been a teacher for nine years and now you want to leave the union. why? >> well, i really struggle with the fact that what are the unions about? adults? or the kids. it is about the kids. i became a teacher to be about kids, not to be about a
4:21 pm
political pawn. and just give up money that $10, everybody thinks that is not a lot, but i would rather give that money to a local booster program than to campaign fund no matter what my political affiliation is. >> you are one of 3.2 million members in the union you belong and they passed $10 annual hike. do they commune skate -- communicate with you to what the $10 is used for? >>guest: they have not. i found out through a colleague and i read it on the news but i was not personally told from my union president or the director in michigan here. i found out, though. >> do you get or can you request financials? forget the $10, my entire annual dues or however much i pay i want to find out what that money is going for. can you find that out?
4:22 pm
>> i have e-mailed our michigan education association a couple of times and i have asked them for a breakdown of what my dues go for and i have for months not had one reploy. up until i said i want to be done with the union and i don't agree with the progress you are making for kids and i got a reply saying you need to start at your local union first so, tomorrow, i have a meeting to see, what can be done? >> are you going do that meeting prepared to leave the union? >> i with like to. but i know that contracts in michigan, it is close, so, if my money is going to go somewhere i don't exactly what that will happen, i heard we could put the money toward a charity, but, regardless, the union will still get their money. >> so, you have to pay regardless, it is not a right-to-work state and the dues
4:23 pm
will come out of your paycheck no matter what? >>guest: yes, $900 a year. >> do you fear retaliation for coming on fox or speaking your mind or leaving the union if that is what you do tomorrow? >>guest: i am, again, i am a teacher who cares about kids and that is why i became a teacher, and i don't wanted to be affiliated with an organization that doesn't care about kids and, you know, when that is going to happen, when they decide to say we will change our mission statement, to be about kids, then i will reconsider it. but i would like to move on. >> you are not worried. >>guest: absolutely not. >> do your fellow teachers feel the same way as you? >> a couple. i have been backlashed pretty goodbye veteran teachers that feel i am too young to understand the whole progress of
4:24 pm
the teachers union and what it is about and what they fought for. i don't see this as a battle. in the end, who will lose? it will be the kids. the teachers have a great job. we get paid pretty well. our health benefits are taken care of. so, i really have not a lot to complain about. >> the teachers with seniority have a problem with you stepping up. >> they do, they do. >> best of luck. >>guest: thank you. >> coming up? >> the sacrifice should be shared. shared. shared sacrifice. >> that is a code for "tax hikes."
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>> shared sacrifice, hear insisting rich americans need to make more to help get us out of
4:28 pm
debt. with taxpayers on the hook for $14 trillion in debt is it time to stop our sacrificing and have lawmakers sacrifice their bloated budgets? with me now, is chairman of the republican national committee. i recalled the dnc, no response, but i have to hand it to the democrats they have done a great job of selling the false notion of "fair share," to the american people. >>guest: well, shared sacrifice, higher taxes, you know, it is another indication, again, that the folks in washington and people like harry reid instead of owning up to the responsibility that i think he and others have in this, in washington, dc, to roll up shair sleeves and tackle the problems americans are concerned with. that is spending. we know this. everyone understands this. everyone at the kitchen table understands that the problem in washington is spending. and they have on get that under
4:29 pm
control. so, shared sacrifice, give me a break. we have put up with this long enough, people want to see folks in washington, especially this president, who is driving our country in the ditch, or as the g.o.p. ad shows "off the cliff," have to get straightened out and they in the doing it. >> i reference a letter by senator sanders and here is the ad, and we will talk about it, what is the pup of the ad and what do you low pressure to cop spray? i want to talk about the standards letter and the way the american people think. but tell me about the new ad. >>guest: well, we are trying to show in real time illustration what is happening in the american economy. the reality, it is not just where we are in the committee which is in bad shape under this president but the policies of president obama that are driving us over the cliff. under his watch we all know he
4:30 pm
put us on a road of the biggest deficit of the country and given us government run health care this people did not want and companies are opting out of and now president obama said that the companies can not opt out because of making them look bad for the row election effort. so we are trying to highlight all these things, chris, in this ad, and trying to illustrate to the american people that this president does not get it and he is bankrupting america. >> the message is very important, senator sanders gets 100,000 americans to send to the white house saying "the wealthiest americans must pay their fair share," to me fair shares sounds like a flat tax. right now, and you can argue about what the numbers are but the wealthiest members are
4:31 pm
paying all the taxes in this country, that doesn't sound like they need to pay more, a greater share to make it fair. >>guest: our problem, and, chris, you are right, our problem right now is not taxing more. i saw a statistic a couple weeks ago that showed that if you taxed everyone would makes over $100,000, 100 percent, that will not solve our problems because our problems are the spending problem in washington is so staggering and it is so much out-of-control this the only way to really deal with this issue head on is to put in place spending cuts at least equal or certainly equal or greater to any increase in the debt ceiling vote and the other ideas that are out there are valid to consider, too, like caps and balanced budget amendment and the reason that is discussed is washington is out of control. we know it. we don't need to be an economist
4:32 pm
on wall street to know this stuff. >> hopefully we will get a citizen in the right direction tomorrow. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, chris. >> from the republican national committee. and next stop, greece, the new ad campaign warning lawmakers that is where the united states is headed if they don't stop cutting. the executive director of public notice, the group behind the bankrupting america ads, gretchen, we were talking about the new rnc ad and tell me about these ads running in washington, just in washington, dc right now, right? >> yes, just in washington, dc, four metro buses, and always 15 bus shelters, but in washington the real debate is about spending. and in order to get this debt ceiling crisis and to get the debt crisis completely solved we have to cut spending. that is where the problem is, in the revenue but the spending. >> so your obvious targets for the ad would be of senator hear
4:33 pm
getting on the bus and standing at the bus stop, that is your target, is it not? >> i don't know if they ride the bus but we sure do want to remind everyone outside the capitol whether they are visiting the capitol, talking to the lawmakers or the lawmakers themselves we want to repiped the public what the debate is about. all how do you measure effectiveness of ads like this whether you take it from the buses to online, how do you measure the effectiveness of the ads? >> people are tweaking about it and on facebook, and members of congress mention them and it is holding their feet to the fire and make sure they know the american public is watching and holding them accountable. >> this is in the first time you have done this but you feel like the first throw have been successful? >>guest: they are. we have been in the gyms on
4:34 pm
capitol hill talking about trimming, and been in the airport and we have delivered valentine's to capitol hill on the day the president delivered the budget reminding lawmakers it is about cutting the spending. >> thank you, gretchen, fore joining us today. >> casey could cash if on the acquittal, big time. wait until the here the eye popping amount she stands to make, and any minute, this man will know his fate, a mexican who killed an american woman in tension and the execution is scheduled tomorrow. but could the supreme court save him?
4:35 pm
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>> she could be free tomorrow and a millionaire by friday after being acquitted of murdering her daughter word is offers will pour in and television interviews and makes and even porn? my next guest says she could make millions. and now, my guest is with "in touch," how much are we thinking
4:38 pm
here? all she could make millions. for example, something as simple as a network interview she could get from $500,000 to $1 million. she could write a book, get over $1 million in advance for that. and she was actually just approached by a porn company and think about amie fisher she served seven years for shooting her boyfriend's wife and she went to the important and made millions and was a deejay at release of a video. >> we are talking about casey making money, she has been paid for photographs in the house and the like, right? >> it is reported she has been paid and i am not talking about since the verdict but since before that, she has been paid $200,000 for the exclusive licensing rights to personal photographs and personal home videos and this is before, when everybody thought she was guilty for certain. >> everyone wants her story, and
4:39 pm
she is more infamous, you think of o.j., or drew peterson in chicago, who has been vilified in the court of public opinion but they have done something to make money but she has a bigger hill to climb. >> she does but you mention drew peterson and even though we think the public hates casey anthony, hates drew peterson. >> they hate her. >> but there are some people that want to be drew peterson's friend or his lover and the same applies to casey anthony. it won't help her make money but what will help her make money is a soiled p.r. team and she could hire someone specific stack particular that can go in and negotiate the deals with the net works because if she mays $1 million off the network this is great, money in her pocket, but, it will take a very shrewd
4:40 pm
publicist to negotiate the temperatures of the interview, it does not matter if she is interviewed by oprah or whoever, and at the end of the day it is what the interview is about. and i think a very shrewd publicist could say you will make $1 million but we will donate it to a charity that involves missing children. will that change everyone's mind? probably not, but every step counts and she is lacking sincerity and that is what she needs. >> right away or wait? the interview is the big thing whether it is in magazine or network, do you do it right away or wait? >> as you know, news is very timely. a very timely business. she she may not have the option of waiting. if she doesn't take advantage of the opportunities now, that could be present toddler, in five months or six months, there will be an interest in the first
4:41 pm
interview but the dollar time could not be as big. >> thank you, dorothy. and now all eyes are on this trial, jury selection underway in the casey against former all star pitcher roger clemens accuses of lying to congress over drug use. he told a house committee under oath he never used steroids or human growth hormones. my next guest says this is trial is a wait of taxpayers money. a sports radio talk show host and also, gave me my first break in broadcasting some years ago. i will not go into how many years ago it was. great to see you, my friend. all what happened to the bow ties? you used to wear a bow tie. >> back in the day. you are a best guy, does that
4:42 pm
have any influence on your thoughts about roger clemens at all or anyone else's thoughts on him? all well, you are a red fox fan and bitterness runs deep but i am one of many with a lot of bitterness between roger clemens, the arrogance, the way he handled it and the federal dollars wasted on him because of arrogance and he paraded around capitol hill taunting the house to try to do something about it and he misremembered the facts, and go guy andy pettitte and him are on different sides. he is a great villain in sports history. >> he has to go to trial and the cost to the taxpayer came when he first went to capitol hill because if you lie in front of congress, baseball, steroids or gun running, you still have to face a trial because of that. >>guest: right and i am not -- lock, it is good to talk about
4:43 pm
wasted federal dollars. we are not wasting our time on battling voids that was already done. when you get in front of the feds and the house of representatives and you lie and it doesn't matter what it was, you are going to be pursued for the full extent of the law. he never had to be in this situation. he, really, didn't have to testify. he went over-the-top, this would have been done with and he is looking at jail dime, and now, a jury selection, all the nonsense because of hubris which he has a ton of. >> a lot of people are talking about, if you are his attorney, do you want baseball fans in the jury? or do you not want baseball fans in the jury? obviously they will have a slant thinking about roger clemens. what is your take? as a baseball fan and lifelong red sox began if you were selected would you automatically go in with something against
4:44 pm
him? >> i would probably be disqualified for a litany of reasons but if you are a baseball fan you don't believe anybody that says they didn't do steroids during this time. you have come to the resignation that whole period is tainted. bond says he was not sure what he was taking but he kind of admitted it. most admitted it. if you are a baseball fan, you will not believe that clemens was the exception. and brian, the blackmail, the lead witness against clemens, and the fact that he has date rape charges, there is so much stuff beginning on, if you are a baseball fan they will throw you out. >> but they will believe petit, and that is the big problem. it is not bring not him but it s
4:45 pm
petit. >> this is no dog in the fight for petit. the reason petit went to houston, and they are friends. petit was smart enough and humble enough to know once i tell the truth i have to tell the truth. he has no reason, they are family friends, close, close relationship, why would you turn on your buddy unless you are forced to do so by the house of representatives or in a court of law? that is why petit is the key to why roger clemens, before he makes a trip to the hall of fame will milk a trip potentially to prison. scary stuff. >> fatherhood is obviously working well for you, you look great. >> think bow tie because it worked for you. all many years ago. this next one, it will make the wallet cringe, $80 trillion to buck world hunger trend in the
4:46 pm
film of going grown.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> the u.n. dishing up $76 billion they go green and that could be wrapped and the earth 300,000 times. and chris warner is sick to his stomach over this. feeding the world is admirable but you do not feel this is the right way to go about it, do you? >> no, it is wealth creation. not distribution to alleviate poverty and hunger.
4:50 pm
and of all of bodies in the world tasked with bettering the world the u.n. is down the list. that is like putting human rights on a panel with libya. this is a prelude to something we will hear a lot about in the spring. this is a treaty conference where president obama will go to in rio and he will sign a treaty grounded in this, called the convention on sustainable development twelve -- 2012 and the redistribution is the first shot. >> feeding the world is not cheap, it will cot money to do it but to do it in a way that means it "green," makes it that much more expensive. >> we have seen when they turn their gaze to green energy it led to energy price spikes but food price spikes and shortages
4:51 pm
and food riots around the world including in mexico and now they focus addressing food. heaven only knows what will happen. it will be a lot of unforeseen yet entirely for seeable predictable consequences. the issue is in the issue to the people, there is a give that is the economist in charge of this whole economic aspect of the climate agenda and i will quote him but the principle lead author is economist from cuba if you wonder where they town for economic miracles and this guy volunteered last year that one has to free one self from the negligence that international climate policy is about the environment. no, it is about redistributing the world's wealth, and that an the objective and they admit it time and time again. it is in the criminal to point it out but criminal not to focus on it because we have a treaty the united states will sign next year premised in this paper. >> when the u.n. calls for governments to invest $2
4:52 pm
trillion a year are they really calling on the united states to invest the $2 trillion a year? >> right, they say don't worry that is global figure, so chad and fox, we will pitch in? no, this is "redistribution." so st. slice it in have and give money from the rich to the poor and south korea is still a developing country, and recipient, china, india, mexico, brazil, south korea, indonesia, a lot of prosperous countries are called "developing countries," and they will we receive wealth transfers from a very few rich countries in this scheme, particularly from us. >> china is the second largest economy in the world. thank you, chris, nice to chat with you. >> a mexican national, hours away from being executed from brutally killing a teen girl in next but could the supreme court give him a last-minute stay at the request of the white house?
4:53 pm
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well, it's hours away from being executed for raping and killing a 16-year-old girl in texas, but the mexican citizen could be saved any minute by the u.s. supreme court. why? the white house is asking the high court for a stay. garcia, born in mexico and brought here at the age of two, was not told he could seek advice from the mexican consulate on his arrest. that is where the controversy lies. republican texas congressman lou gomert. thank you for joining us today. where do we stant on this right now? >> if you go back to the facts, some are saying gee, the consulate should have been notified. you have senator leahy filing a law to try to get it passed in the senate. there is nothing comparable that i know of in the house. you go to the basic facts. this issue of due process, the issue of on the matter of law.
4:57 pm
and the court found and it has not been disputed, he was in noncustodial questioning at the time the stays were given used at the trial. i have article 36 here of the vienna being cited. it only applies if you are arrested, you're committed to prison, committed to custody trial or detained. he was not in detention. it was noncustodial. all of this is a red herring. it doesn't matter. i tell you what, chris, if the very people going nuts over trying to save when everybody agrees was the man who brutally raped and murdered the 16-year-old. if they spent that much time trying to help girls and women around the world who can be raped and then stoned for committing adultery -- world would be safer for women. they're putting their passion in the wrong places. >> glenn: they did find his bite marks on her body.
4:58 pm
the evidence is pretty overwhelming. the accord you speak of, vienna accord, this is what they're concerned with. not just the white house or the president. judges around the country, military leaders around the world. former president bush are concerned over this. why are so many concerned? can you appreciate the fears of the safety of u.s. citizens abroad if the perception is -- i'm not even saying it's reality. the perception. >> i understand. that's why the white house is doing american citizens severe damage. instead of being out there saying it doesn't apply in this case, the vienna convention on consular relations does not apply. instead, this white house is given credence to the factually wrong saying gee, it should apply. it doesn't apply. this white house could be helping americans around the world saying look, it didn't apply. they were in the in custody,
4:59 pm
noncustodial. veienna do not apply here. the white house is doing more damage to americans around the world than anybody else. they need to back off. they need to support texas. in protecting girls and women from being raped and murdered. to point out as a matter of law what the law says. it's custody, detention. this is noncustodial. it doesn't apply. it shouldn't hurt americans because when americans are held in custody, they have a right to have their consulate notified. that's what this white house ought to be saying instead of going on the side of a raping murder. >> we will stay on the case tomorrow. on your world. maybe we get more information. >> i have appealed death penalty and signed death order in some cases. due process has to be followed. >> all right, congressman. thank you for your time. that will wrap it up for us. don't forget, lou dobs on the fox


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